Testing the Soil Health of Your Lawn

Winter Lawn MaintenanceSoil is the most important component of any landscape. Keeping soil healthy will make it easier for you to maintain beautiful plants or a green, full lawn. An extremely important part of protecting and restoring your lawn and plants is by maintaining healthy soils and improving disturbed or compacted soils so that they can efficiently absorb storm water.

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Recognizing Plant Stress

file6081238517768Once in a while when plants look debilitated or seem to be under assault by insects, the symptoms are really a sign that the plant is being pushed by natural components. Here are some normal symptoms of plant stress and the conditions that cause them.

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Basics Of Mulching


Making use of mulch in the landscape is by simply no means rocket science, but it calls for sticking to a few basics and a little common sense. Mulch may seem like the almost all innocuous thing in the world, but when used effectively, it can help your garden thrive and provide the environmental benefits for both the gardener in addition to your soil.

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Perks of Healthy Soil For A Healthy Garden


In different areas and climates around the world, people are blessed with perfect soil, however a good chunk of us garden in soil that is not so perfect. If your soil has too much clay in it, is too sandy, too stony, or too acidic, don’t worry. Turning a poor soil into a plant friendly soil is not a difficult task once you understand the components of a healthy soil.

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