Fall Irrigation & Green Ups

green up irrigation

Football season has just begun, so getting your Bryan/College Station business’s landscaping to attract customers is most likely at the forefront of your mind. There’s no better way to green up your landscape than by saving water. In addition to retaining moisture by composting and mulching, developing a green up irrigation system is a great way to change your fall landscape.

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Agscapes Landscaping Offers Fall Irrigation Tips

fall irrigation

Fall will be here before you know it. This means making sure to utilize proper water management with your fall irrigation system as we change seasons. Proper water management is critical to the vitality of a healthy lawn, but too much water can be bad for your grass — and your wallet. Now that summer is almost over, this is a great opportunity to re-evaluate the frequency of your fall irrigation system and take a closer look to be sure your system is function properly. This can ultimately save money on your monthly water bill be reducing unnecessary consumption. Agscapes Landspcaping has put together a list of fall irrigation tips.

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Agscapes Landscaping’s Summer Irrigation Systems

summer irrigation

Summer is finally here! This means your Texas irrigation systems, if present, should be activated. Texas summers are extremely hot, which can possibly bring considerable damage to your lawn from heat and drought stress. Therefore, proper irrigation is crucial this summer. Agscapes Landscaping has put together a list of reasons why you should install an irrigation system for your Texas lawn during the summer months.

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Summer Irrigation Tips for a Texas Lawn

Summer is upon us! Hot summers can be a tough time for many plants in Texas. Learning the right ways and times to water your plants is critical if you want to keep your lawn or landscape alive and healthy. This article will provide a few summer irrigation tips, as well as discuss signs your irrigation system needs to be repaired.

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Irrigation Troubleshooting


It is important to know the various bad valve symptoms that can cause sprinkler problems when troubleshooting an irrigation system. When a sprinkler valve is not working properly the effects can vary significantly. There are many components on a sprinkler valve that can break or malfunction. To make matters more complicated, a bad valve doesn’t always behave the same way. Bad valve symptoms can appear to be a broken sprinkler head or household water pressure problems. Knowing and being able to identify the symptoms of a broke sprinkler valve can make troubleshooting your irrigation system problems much easier.

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Types of Irrigation Products

When deciding on a sprinkler or irrigation system, consider choosing one that sends large drops of water close to the ground. These sprinklers tend to be more water-efficient than sprinklers that spray a fine mist and lose a lot of water through evaporation. For trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers, drip irrigation can be a great alternative. Little or no water is lost to evaporation as the water is applied at ground level, near plant roots.

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Plant Care: Heat Stress In Plants


When the weather suddenly skyrockets with temperatures above 85 F. (29 C.), many plants will inevitably suffer from ill effects. However, with adequate plant care of outdoor plants in extreme heat, the effects of heat stress on plants, including vegetables, can be minimized and almost eliminated. This blog will outline some of the basics of Plant Care: Heat Stress In Plants.

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Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Winter

When winter hits, if you do not have all of the water expelled from your sprinkler lines, some serious damage can occur that will cost a fortune to fix. Rather than take your chances, why not follow this guide to preparing for the winter season? In this article I am going to cover the basic steps to purge your sprinkler of water, and sleep at night knowing you wont have any bursting pipes in your lawn.

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