Plant Care: Heat Stress In Plants


When the weather suddenly skyrockets with temperatures above 85 F. (29 C.), many plants will inevitably suffer from ill effects. However, with adequate plant care of outdoor plants in extreme heat, the effects of heat stress on plants, including vegetables, can be minimized and almost eliminated. This blog will outline some of the basics of Plant Care: Heat Stress In Plants.

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Summer Tips For Watering Your Grass


Water is essential to lawns. But an excessive amount or too little can harm them. Running the sprinkler forever sets up the correct conditions for disease. Frequent, light watering causes the grass to grow shallow roots and also sets your yard up for trouble in summer. Here are some easy pointers regarding correct watering.

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Recognizing Plant Stress


Once in a while when plants look debilitated or seem to be under assault by insects, the symptoms are really a sign that the plant is being pushed by natural components. Here are some normal symptoms of plant stress and the conditions that cause them.

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Lawn Care: Disease Prevention


Lawn diseases are a more likely occurrence than people think. Using appropriate prevention for fungal diseases and such can save you money and frustration, and here is how you can do it.

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