Must Do Landscaping Tasks for Your Spring Garden

Spring is here! This means more work needs to be done outside. If you hold off until the picture perfect Spring weather, you might find yourself with more work than you can accomplish in the time left before plants explode with growth. It is much easier to rake a garden when the perennials aren’t up, but some of you may be discovering that your plants got a big boost from the warmer weather in recent weeks. This is OK, but remember to keep an eye out while raking and stepping around your Spring garden beds. We have put together a checklist of things to do starting at the first signs of Spring so that you don’t find your garden has grown up past the point of care.

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Preparing Your Lawn for Spring Landscaping

Spring is upon us! This means it is time to feel the warm sunshine and get your hands dirty. Here are few helpful tips for preparing your landscape for Spring, with ways to improve appearance of your property, increase the value of your home and, best of all, make your neighbors jealous!

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Drainage Series: Troubleshooting

You don’t have to be an expert to know your yard has a drainage problem. The water line on the side of your home, bare roots and lawn rivets that look like little streams are hard to miss. Not only are these issues unsightly, they can also result in serious damage if left untreated.

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What Perennials to Trim and How


Those in warm climates can treat fall, and sometimes even winter, as supplemental growing seasons. But for those who experience hard winters, fall is a great time to get a head start on garden clean-up. We hear a lot about four seasons of interest in the garden, but this rarely applies to perennial plants. Many perennial plants can turn ugly as the temperatures drop.

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