Eco-Friendly Drip Irrigation Systems

Eco-friendly drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigation systems are continually growing in popularity and use. This growth is due to water restrictions and the desire to conserve water use in the garden, lawn and landscape. We will discuss the benefits of eco-friendly drip irrigation systems.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Drip Irrigation Systems


The design of drip irrigation systems provide water directly to the root source of plants.

As a result, there is little to no runoff, and no evaporation. This makes drip irrigation systems extremely water efficient, providing less waste.

Less Water Waste

The drip irrigation system is a safe and effective way of producing a consistent and steady amount of water to plants over time. Other systems will typically douse plants throughout the week, over saturating the soil with water.

Therefore, drip systems are a great solution for the summer season. As the heat rises, the water distribution through the sprinkler or overhead hose often evaporates. This limits the effectiveness of watering the plant. Installing a drip irrigation system helps mitigate the waste and evaporation of water, while maintaining the maximum benefits of the plant as well.

Lower Cost

Since the water is more evenly distributed over time, you will be saving money.

Also, choosing to water at the beginning and end of the day will help prevent evaporation or any water loss through heat. If you water your plants in the heat of the day, this causes additional water waste and ends up costing you more, to compensate for the loss through runoff and evaporation.

Healthy Plants

Overall, the result of drip irrigation systems are obvious by looking directly at the plants themselves. The roots of the plants will grow toward the water source. When the plants or crops receive the steady, consistent water, the results are lush.

In addition, the ability to custom design your drip irrigation system allots specific plants to have access to the amount of water they will need, as some plants require more watering than others.


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