Heat Tolerant Plants in Texas

Heat Tolerant Plants

Many  have spent a lot of time, energy and money on their lawn and garden. Therefore, you probably don’t want your plants to suffer in the relentless Texas heat. We have put together a list of heat tolerant plants so you know which types of plants are ideal to survive in Texas.

Heat Tolerant Plants


Both red (pictured in main image above) and yellow Columbines do well in the Texas heat. They prefer moist and well-drained soil and can tolerate part shade as well as sunny conditions.

These flower often go dormant during the summer months, when water is scarce. Some hummingbirds flock to these flowers. Make sure to trim the foliage from this species in late May to keep it happy and healthy.


Heat Tolerant Plants

If you are searching for a plant with a vivid pop of color, Celosia is a great choose. These plants are one of the most dynamic in appearance both in regard to their shape as well as their color.

One of the greatest aspects about Celosia is how dramatically different the varieties can be. The crested Celosia resembles beautiful little brightly colored brains and the spiked Celosia has a gorgeous feathery appearance.


The distinctive tube-shaped orange-red flowers of the Firebrush attract hummingbirds.

This plant turns a burgundy color during autumn and requires protection in case of severe winter weather. After the first hard freeze, cut back this species to six inches to encourage new spring growth.


Heat Tolerant Plants

The Mandevilla is a truly gorgeous flowering vine. It grows and climbs quickly. You can find them with flowers in white, reds and pinks that will bloom profusely.

In addition, the vine will climb best on a lattice or similar type of structure. You can also train it to grow as you would like.


Sage thrives in full sun and are deer and rabbit-resistant. Several types of Sage attract hummingbirds to your yard. Also, most species of Sage benefit from pruning after the year’s first freeze.

The following Sage varieties are extremely hardy and withstand the Texas heat with ease:

  • Cedar
  • Cherry (or Autumn)
  • Jerusalem
  • Magestic
  • Mealy Blue
  • Mexican Bush
  • Big Red
  • Russian
  • San Luis
  • Tropical Sage

Globe Amaranth

Heat Tolerant Plants

The Globe Amaranth is a beautiful hardy orb. You can find it in multiple colors. This plants makes a wonderful addition to many flower beds and will be a great addition to a cut flower arrangement.

These heat tolerant plants will even withstand drought conditions like champs.


These are just a few great heat tolerant plants in Texas. For more ideas or to get started on your next landscaping project, contact us here at Agscapes Landscaping with the link below!

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