Planting for Fall Color in Texas

Planting for Fall Color in Texas

One of the many perks to life in Texas is the year-round gardening. Planting seasonally is one of the best things you can do for your garden. However, fall color depends on many things. Therefore, we will discuss planting for fall color in Texas.

Planting for Fall Color

Plentifall Pansies

Planting for Fall Color - Plentifall Pansies

Plentifall pansies are great for those planting for fall color in Texas.¬†Most pansies turn to mush with the first fall freeze and don’t bloom again until spring. However, plentifall plansies are unique. They are among the first trailing pansies each spreading 18 inches.

You can plant plentifall pansies in the ground to form solid sweeps, or let them cascade from containers. They survive below-zero temperatures with little damage. Therefore, they bloom for you from fall through spring.

Confederate Rose

The Confederate rose is a shrub with late-summer and autumn flowers.

This plant changes from white to pink to deep rose as it ages. This makes the perfect for those planting for fall color.

Iceland Poppies

Planting for Fall Color - Iceland Poppies

Iceland poppies are great fall plants for numerous reasons. They will be beautiful next spring, they come in many bright colors and unlike some other poppies, they are legal.

Begin this fall season by either sprinkling seeds over bare ground or setting out transplants.


Planting for Fall Color - Lilies

Spider lily and surprise lily send up foliage in the fall, which remains through spring, and then disappears. In August and September, you may notice spikes of flowers standing anywhere from 18 to 30 inches tall appear seemingly overnight without leaves.

In addition, the spider lily has bright red flowers with long stamens that resemble spider legs. Surprise lily has pink, trumpet-shaped flowers. Both are easy to grow, spread into drifts and last for generations. Therefore, this makes these ideal for planting during the fall.


Planting for Fall Color - Chrysanthemums

You often see chrysanthemums as the centerpiece of enormous Homecoming corsages here in Texas. You can plant these in full sun in your flower bed to produce gorgeous flowers throughout the fall season.

Chrysanthemums produce their best flowers after their first year in the ground, so be patient with them. This plant comes in all they typical fall colors as well, making it great for planting for fall color.


These are just a few great ideas for planting for fall color in Texas. For more information or to begin your fall planting project today, contact us here at Agscapes Landscaping with the link below!

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