Must Do Landscaping Tasks for Your Spring Garden

Spring is here! This means more work needs to be done outside. If you hold off until the picture perfect Spring weather, you might find yourself with more work than you can accomplish in the time left before plants explode with growth. It is much easier to rake a garden when the perennials aren’t up, but some of you may be discovering that your plants got a big boost from the warmer weather in recent weeks. This is OK, but remember to keep an eye out while raking and stepping around your Spring garden beds. We have put together a checklist of things to do starting at the first signs of Spring so that you don’t find your garden has grown up past the point of care.

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Preparing Your Lawn for Spring Landscaping

Spring is upon us! This means it is time to feel the warm sunshine and get your hands dirty. Here are few helpful tips for preparing your landscape for Spring, with ways to improve appearance of your property, increase the value of your home and, best of all, make your neighbors jealous!

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Types of Irrigation Products

When deciding on a sprinkler or irrigation system, consider choosing one that sends large drops of water close to the ground. These sprinklers tend to be more water-efficient than sprinklers that spray a fine mist and lose a lot of water through evaporation. For trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers, drip irrigation can be a great alternative. Little or no water is lost to evaporation as the water is applied at ground level, near plant roots.

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Testing the Soil Health of Your Lawn

Winter Lawn Maintenance

Soil is the most important component of any landscape. Keeping soil healthy will make it easier for you to maintain beautiful plants or a green, full lawn. An extremely important part of protecting and restoring your lawn and plants is by maintaining healthy soils and improving disturbed or compacted soils so that they can efficiently absorb storm water.

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Preparing Your Landscape for Winter


With winter just around the corner, fall landscaping chores are your last chance to prepare your landscape for the cold weather, and to protect that curb appeal you’ve worked so hard to create. Neglecting your landscape can increase the risk of damage caused by seasonal changes. So grab your tools and get ready to mulch, prune and plant before its too late.

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When and How to Prune Your Crape Myrtles


When and how often you prune your crape myrtles all depends on the climate. Heavy, annual pruning of your crape myrtles can at two times of the year. The plant itself will determine the types of trimming that need to be done. This article will discuss how to prune and when the best time to prune your crape myrtle is.

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When to Plant Your New Tree


Trees are big-ticket landscape items that can not only provide beautiful scenery for your front or back lawn, but also provide additional value to your home. For this reason, it is important to plant trees when they are most likely to thrive. Here is some things that will be useful to know when planting a new tree so you can get the most value from your landscape investment.

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