Preparing Your Lawn for Spring Landscaping

Spring is upon us! This means it is time to feel the warm sunshine and get your hands dirty. Here are few helpful tips for preparing your landscape for Spring, with ways to improve appearance of your property, increase the value of your home and, best of all, make your neighbors jealous!

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Planting Annuals


Determining the best time of year to plant annuals depends on the specific plant and your climate. Annuals are designated as “cool-season” or “warm-season”, which is based on their hardiness and ability to grow in cool soils.

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Planting Perennials


When planting a perennial the secret to success is to make sure that the soil is well prepared and the roots are firmed in properly. It also helps to cover the surface of the soil with a mulch to cut down on competition from weeds after planting, as well as help retain moisture around the roots of the plant. It is important to avoid getting mulch on the plant though because it can scorch the foliage and encourage rotting. Additionally, one should watch out for slugs and snails which find the moist warmth offered by the mulch irresistible.

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Testing the Soil Health of Your Lawn

Winter Lawn Maintenance

Soil is the most important component of any landscape. Keeping soil healthy will make it easier for you to maintain beautiful plants or a green, full lawn. An extremely important part of protecting and restoring your lawn and plants is by maintaining healthy soils and improving disturbed or compacted soils so that they can efficiently absorb storm water.

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When to Plant Your New Tree


Trees are big-ticket landscape items that can not only provide beautiful scenery for your front or back lawn, but also provide additional value to your home. For this reason, it is important to plant trees when they are most likely to thrive. Here is some things that will be useful to know when planting a new tree so you can get the most value from your landscape investment.

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