What to Plant to Beat the Heat


With the summer months soon approaching the temperatures continue to rise, and we often get asked, “What plants should I plant to beat the heat?” There are many things to consider when selecting the appropriate planting material, such as size, sun exposure, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, color, time of year that it flowers, and so on. Here are a few of our recommendations for plants that are not only drought tolerant and heat resistant, but can also aesthetically meet the needs of your project.

Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia fulgida)

Not only are Black-eyed Susans beautiful, these plants require almost no maintenance except for the removal of dead stalks. You can basically plant it and forget it. It’s the perfect plant for those hot and dry summer days. Just make sure to wear gloves when you work with this plant as the stems have little hairs that sometimes irritate the skin.

Black-eyed Susans should be planted in full sun to part-shade and can be planted in just about any type of soil. Make sure to water this plant when first planted, but after they are established, their water requirements are minimal. They are drought-tolerant and deer resistant.

Moss Rose or Portulaca (Portulaca grandiflora)

These brightly-colored blooming succulents seem to thrive in dry, hot conditions. Moss roses don’t require much water, just well-drained soil, and prefer to be in full sun. These can even have root cuttings from a portulaca very easily. Just be sure to stick a cut in to the ground and keep it watered for a few days.

Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa)

The butterfly weed plant is built for the conditions and can take the heat and the cold. This plant produces brilliant orange flowers and helps out native butterflies by providing food and acting as a host plant.

Marigolds (Tagetes spp)

Marigold is a workhorse, producing many blooms in the middle of the hot summer. This plant requires very little care in the summer and you can even collect seeds from them for the following year. Marigolds prefer full sun and well-drained but humus rich soil. They are annuals.

Lantana (Lantana spp)

Lantana is a lovely plant that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. There are numerous colors and heights, so be sure you get the one that is appropriate for the location you are planting them in. Often times, they are not marked based on the height that they will grow, so be prepared in case you need to relocate them based on how tall they grow. Lantanas are drought-tolerant and deer-resistant as well.

Angelonia (Angelonia angustifolia)

The common colors for Angelonias include purple, raspberry and white. Because of their colorful nature, this plant looks great when clustered together to create a mass of color with their small flowers. Angelonias should be planted in full sun, but can tolerate some shade. If your plant begins to become spindly, cut it back and it will grow thicker and rebloom. It is drought resistant as well, and can stand up in high heat, continuing to bloom. They are also deer resistant, and can bloom for a very long period of time.

Purple Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)

If you want a vine with gorgeous flowers that can withstand the summer heat, then a native is a great selection. Full sun and well-drained soil is necessary for these plants. They also have very low water requirements.


These are just a few of the plants you can plant for your summer project to beat the summer heat. Contact us here at Agscapes Landscaping with the link below for more information!

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